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Hey guys, I’m still alive. :) 

My schedule’s been wonky and I’ve been busier than ever. 


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You say Taylor Swift sucks? You say Taylor Swift is a slut? You say Taylor Swift only writes cheap songs about their ex-boyfriends?

That’s not true.  One time she donated a lot of money to tornado victims who lost their homes. She did a concert to collect the money. “Speak Now.. Help Now!” And one time she sang at the “Hope for Haiti now” to collect money for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Do you remember when this guy with cancer asked her to go with him to prom? She allowed him to be her date at an awardshow. And that one song she wrote to help her bulimic friend. “Tied together with a smile” And the song “Mean” against bullying. And this new song about “Ronan” who died on cancer. If you buy it on itunes you donate money to cancer foundation. Like how “awful” is that? Taylor Swift is a really awful person! Look at all the worse stuff she did.

Do you still think Taylor sucks? I am proud to be her fan because she is an awesome person with a huge heart.

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